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4 Top Imported Automobiles of Pakistan

Car imports have increased ten folds in the last decade or so. So many people are going after these Japanese cars that it has given a rise to the automobile import business. It is not a surprise to see that almost 60% of the population is heading towards buying imported Japanese cars. Specifically according to automobiles importers in Karachi there has been a significant rise in the demand of Japanese cars in last couple of years as compared to locally assembled cars.

These Japanese cars have provided a range of facilities when it comes to price range, drive, functions and design. Every car displays plethora of latest technology which ultimately attracts the buyer, and to top it off these cars are very economical on the budget


So here are some of the most popular Japanese cars which are being used by the public.



Toyota Vitz

This is one of the most successful cars that Toyota ever introduced. Its shape itself is enough convince buyers of its magnificence. Vitz has a very elegant design and beautiful looks and you can couple it with equally exceptional road grip give it a unique position among other automobiles.

Secondly vitz also comes with power steering which allows for a comfortable drive. Not only that, vitz is also very spacious and gives a very economical fuel average for a car which carries a 1000cc engine. It has become one of the most used cars in the region

Toyota Aqua

Aqua is a more latest model of mobiles introduced by Toyota again, compared to vitz aqua’s price range doesn’t differs much but you can argue about almost everything else. Aqua presents almost like an upgrade with more space and functions. Its design and looks have also received many rave reviews from the public.

The thing about aqua which stands out is the hybrid engine. Standing at 1500cc aqua’s fuel average is better than most cars with engines as big as this. This makes it very economical and light on anyone’s budget.

Daihatsu mira

Mira has become may be the most used car in this region. With it cheeky design and a spacious interior this one has been sold the most since its introduction. Mira is part of the new Japanese cars which were introduced few years ago here, it comes with a very affordable price range and a lot of features and functions. Mira has a smaller engine compared to Aqua and vitz which stands at 660cc hence the great fuel average it provides.

Nissan Days

This one is the latest car introduced by Japanese car makers over here. It comes in a number of variants and so many features and functions. Like mira Nissan days also has a smaller engine of 660cc but its latest technology has afforded people even better mileage. Its features include eco idle, traction control, climate control and many more. For a car which has such a small engine it has a lot of room inside it. Its beautiful design sets itself apart from the rest of the cars which came alongside it. Exceptional road grip coupled with power steering allows drivers to have a firm grip on the road and commendable drive.