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5 Most Trending Architectural Designs in Pakistan

You can identify the architectural style by its features and for their history. There many things to consider when you decide what architectural style you want the building to take form.

Architectural styles changes through time as the techniques and features evolve and change through time, beliefs and religion also play a part in different styles. In modern time’s technology and new discoveries has also given more to think about in different architectural styles. Here below we have discussed 5 different architectural styles for you to look into


Here below we have discussed 5 different architectural styles for you to look into



1. Islamic Style

Islamic architecture came to the fore in 7th century, it originated from the middle-east and since has expanded to subcontinent and some parts of Europe now. In Islamic architecture the styles differs from regions to regions. The most visible definition of Islamic architects are mosque and their designs differ more middle-east to turkey to the sub-continent. Mosques would be accompanied with domes and pointed arches and courtyards and minarets.

You can find one such example in Istanbul Turkey, the blue mosque is a historical place which quite comprehensively defines Islamic architecture.

2. Romanesque

Romanesque style came in existence in the late 10th century which is also known as Norman style. Made of round arches and repetition of rows of round-headed arches with floral decorations around the door. Mostly to be found in Roman style churches such as the Durham Cathedral in England.

3. Bauhaus Style

Bauhaus style is a more simplistic design as the Bauhaus movement believed combining art and technology under simple designs. This style invented from Germany in 1900s and is still used in many modern style buildings. As mentioned these designs are simple and are without any decorations and other similar details.

Buildings are made of cubic shapes and open floor plans and flat roofs and glass curtain walls. An example of Bauhaus style is GreCon Inc in Germany. 

4. Renaissance Style

The style originated in the late 15th century in Italy where designs reflected elegance, harmony and strength. Buildings made of this style are square buildings with arches and domes and flat ceilings. Other definitions include enclosed courtyards and Roman-types columns.

If you intend to see one of these beautiful buildings one example is the cathedral of santa maria del fiore in Florence Italy.

5. Modern style architecture

This is a term given to the architectural style of the 21st century. Every modern style building is either post-modern, new classic or the one which depicts futurism. The style banks on honoring the use of material rather than hiding them where the buildings are made simple but beautiful.

The style is made up of low buildings with simple designs which means less decorative details. More modern material is used and the building is designed with the use of sun and shading. Most buildings are made to keep them west open for more wind exposure, all of which is done in accordance with human comfort.

Guggenheim gallery is a prime example of such modern style buildings which you can see nowadays.