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A Great Read on Different Types of Automobiles in Pakistan

The world of automobiles is infinite and for someone who is deprived of the necessary enlightenment may well be left confused. This industry provides people with a cascade of options to choose from which provides for a fascinating experience but difficult for some at the same time.

Everyone looking for a vehicle has a liking which develops with regards to the budget, trends and car performance. Below we will aid you with a read on some of the types of vehicles and what car represents the said type.

Here is a rundown on different types of cars



A hatchback is a car with rear door which opens upwards and features a four door formation. A hatchback rear end can be used for passengers and cargo at the same time


A hatchback styled car is usually small where mostly you will find four door hatchback but two door hatchbacks also available. There are some sports cars and SUVs which are hatchback.

The most used four doors hatchback you will find are Toyota vitz and Nissan days while if you are searching for a two door you’ll probably have to go abroad to get a Volkswagen Polo GTI


Sedan which is also called a saloon in UK is a very popular car type, maybe the most popular, which boosts a four door configuration and a traditional trunk at the rear end. You all must have those in your homes right?

A popular example might be a Toyota Corolla.

Multi-purpose vehicle

An MPV is a proper people/passenger carrier car. It is designed specifically to provide extra space for passengers with two to three rows of seating and space for carrying small luggage.

A great and recent example of such type of cars is Toyota Prius Alpha or a Honda freed may suffice for you guys.


A crossover is basically a cross of a SUV and a hatchback where it has the features of both said types. They are made to provide extra space and better and smooth drive. You would see that they are mostly constructed like a car jeep where they use a unibody construction.

An example of that would be a Honda Vezel or Honda BRV.


A coupe is a two door car with a fixed roof, you will find a four dour coupe nowadays which are labelled as “four door coupes” and they are without rear facing seats which means they carry only two passengers. They are built like a sports car and ` along with a powerful engine.

You will find many variations in coupes in recent times, where this car has very genuine sports appeal

They are not many coupes here in Pakistan but if you are looking for it then Mercedez benz SKL class should be more than reasonable, also you may find Honda CRZ sports hybrid sometimes going past you on the road.


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