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Popular Car Engine Types Found In Pakistan

Placed under the hood of the car alongside a cascade of wires, pipes and similar things is a car engine which is responsible for running your car. Different cars come with different types of engine and mostly people are fascinated about the power of the engine but this is as far as they know about it.

If you own a car or you are meaning to get yourself one it is important to get familiar with the types of engine and what type will suit you. Every engine is designed for different purposes, how much is your daily running, how much fuel consumption you can afford it all depends on the engine of your car.



Below we are going to explain the common engine types found in Pakistan.



The Vee Engine

The arrangement of this engine is shaped like a “V” if you see it from the front where cylinders are facing outwards and at the base will be a crank shaft driven by them. You will find these engines in heavy and high maintenance cars as it allows more cylinders.

Inline Engine

Inline engine are basically designed with banks of cylinders for a reciprocating function. Its cylinders are arranged in a row and facing in upward direction, perpendicular to the car. If you are wondering which cars homes this engine then you should probably look for small hatchback cars.

Straight Engine

If you look at the arrangement and find the cylinders assembled in a straight line along the crankshaft case then it would be a straight engine. Cars like BMW and other elite cars use this type of engine. It is an internal combustion engine (we’ll get to that).

VR And W Engine

This engine has base where all the cylinders are packed together closely with each other and they form a shape of W. Designed by Volkswagen this engine uses the same configuration of a V engine. This engine is not in use much nowadays and is rarely used by manufacturers. Some cars like audi and Bentley use this engine type.

The Flat Engine

This is another type of internal combustion engine where cylinders are arranged on two banks which are separated by a crank shaft in between with two sets of cylinders facing away from each other. Other name for this type of engine is the boxer engine or the horizontally opposed engine. And if you are looking for a car which uses this engine, well Porsche might do.

Rotary Engine

It is a small engine with rotors instead of pistons where the rotor only turns one way. You would rarely find cars, especially new ones, using this engine configuration. You may have to go as far back as mazda RX-8 to find a car with this engine type.

Now one thing which also needs mentioning is that after listing so many engine people need to know that these engines are categorized into two types first of which is

External Combustion Engine

This is where the engine combusts the fuel outside the engine. With the burning of the fuel the engine generates heat and then it converts the fluids inside into steam. Advantage of these engines is that you can use any type of fuel for it like gas or fluid and even solid form.

Secondly there is

Internal Combustion Engine

You can guess by the name that these engine allow the combustion inside the engine. The function is that the burning of the fuel inside the cylinders produce heat and pressure which then presses the pistons which ultimately rotates the wheels. These are high performance engines and they require high quality fuels such as diesel and petrol.