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Pros & Cons Of Becoming a Civil Engineer In Pakistan

Civil engineering has been one of the most sought after professions Pakistan. With modern science growing and new technology coming in civil engineering has evolved and has taken a permanent place in all major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. But even after being such a successful profession civil construction services , like every other profession, it has its own pros and cons.


Being one of the most sought after profession its pros will always outweigh the cons but it’s still fun to evaluate and discuss.




  • One immediate benefit of civil engineering is that it is one profession which will never get obsolete, at least till humanity is alive. This is one reason people opt to go for civil engineering as it is an ever present profession and with the development of technology it is getting easier and easier.
  • Understandably civil engineering is also a very well respected profession. In the modern age of computer engineering and evergreen mechanical engineering civil engineering still has a place of its own. People love it and respect it.
  • Civil engineering offers new challenges every now and then. With most jobs and projects you are stuck with a same routine and working conditions in a never changing environment. But with civil engineering you will be working outdoors, indoors travelling to new places facing new challenges most of the time. Even though the concepts of working will be same but it will provide some freshness and joy of working.
  • Perks of being a civil engineer also includes the ever present chances of growth and a handsome income. With increasing experience the chances of growth keeps in increasing and so does the income. There is no such thing as a retirement for civil engineers.
  • Last but not the least is that you get to meet a lot of people.



  • Most of the time civil engineers would need to work way out of their comfort zone in remote areas. This probably makes working conditions quite difficult.
  • One of the major drawbacks of civil engineering is that you might require some time to get your first and second job. This is one profession which requires experience more than a good resume. You will need to be very convincing to land your first and second job regarding civil engineering.
  • If your country is going through a difficult moment in terms of economy you might have to suffer as construction works and other works related to it slow down. This can be damaging for your career prospects.
  • It is a long journey to in civil engineering to get to a respected position. Unlike many other service related jobs where you can hit a jackpot, over here it takes time and determination to get to a certain level.
  • Like every other job you will need to meet deadlines but the nature of work and hostility of conditions sometimes will make it even more difficult. So you will need to be on your toes every moment. This could get very stressful at times.


So all in all it is a much respected profession with some shortcomings here and there. But one which will keep on giving for a time to come.