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7 Different Types of Interior Home Designs Ideas in Pakistan

Home owners all have great ideas for their interior home designs to show their personality and the beauty of their homes. But with so may ideas most home owners struggle to convey there message completely to architects due to lack of understanding and knowledge of interior designing. There are so many different types of designs and ideas that it is hard to understand for a resident to pick the style suited best to their house and their personal liking.

Fortunately for them we know a little more about interior house designing and we are here to share some of it with you. It would be great for a simple home owner to identify the perfect house design style

Below we have crafted a list of 7 different home design styles so you can understand the and differentiate between styles.


Traditional Styles



Traditional design style offers abundance of classic details. They have beautiful furnishings complemented with rich colors and detailed fabrics such as velvet and silk which have different type of textures and patterns.



Transitional Style

Transitional styles are one of the most popular designing styles adopted by architect and also home owners even if they are not aware of it.

This particular style comprises of both modern and transitional design style to provide a classic yet modern look. The most amazing thing about this style is that it provides a great balance that is truly eye-catching.

With the usage of all the modern materials such as glass and steel and mix them with traditional furnishing.

Modern Style

A typical 21st century home design with crisp features and simple colors is known as modern style. Modern style constitutes with modern material such as steel and glass which are complemented by simple yet attractive colors.

Modern designs are basically simple yet beautiful with every piece of the design oozing brilliant simplicity.

Rustic Design

Rustic style has all the features which give out a sense of nature where usually raw materials such as rocks and wood are incorporated in such a way that it produces a beautiful sight to behold.

Nowadays home owners are use the rustic style with a bit of modern furnishing to get a completely unique look.


Modern and contemporary styles are interchangeable and are frequently adopted by architects and home owners. The only difference between these designs is the fact that modern designs are strictly simple and the draw influence from 20th century styles but with contemporary the designing styles are quite fluid where there is room for alteration and change.

Scandinavian Style

This is another style adopted by home owners of Pakistan where the home style draws its inspiration from Scandinavian countries. These are very simple designs with completely white color theme. But their simplicity speaks quite a lot about functionality when it comes to lines and furniture. Design also consist of stunning plank flooring and form pressed wood to give a excellent look for residents. 

Bohemian Styles

Bohemian style refers to a very fashionable home design adopted by home owners. This style is a very care-free style where you can add and put everything you desire to make it beautiful according to you.

Most of these styles may consist items from markets, vintage furniture and colorful curtains and rugs. With this style do whatever you feel like to make it beautiful to you.