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The Importance of Right Paint for Your House in Pakistan

Choosing a color for painting your house in Pakistan is very important. The right color can elevate the interior beauty of your home. But just choosing the right color will not complete the painting part of your house. It is important also to choose the right type alongside the right color this is where usually most Pakistani like you and me struggle.

To choose the right color and type you need to carry out the right research and take help from the right people. With proper research you can get that vibe you desire for your home and most importantly it will reduce the chances of mistakes which will reduce time wasting and extra cost.


Read on to understand the combination of color and type of paint needed.



Oil-based paints can be placed on any surface and is known for its durability. Yes it takes time to dry but it will definitely provide a gorgeous finish. What you need to be aware of is that oil paints release fumes which can be dangerous.

Oil paints provide a beautiful glossy look and a hard finish. They can be fixed (If needed) as they take a longer time to dry.



Wall paints are usually water based paints as they are fairly easy to apply. If you wish to replace the wall paint from oil to water based you need to first scrub the wall after washing it to apply the water paint.

Water paints can be applied without any solvents and they do not emit and harmful fumes like oil based paints. They dry quicker than oil based paints and can be applied on every surfaces



You will find many manufacturers of sheen and with different manufacturers, though they have the same characteristics primarily, their options differ somewhat. People nowadays are mixing certain finishes to produce a stunning look with different types of textures.

Every sheen produces different textures and each favors different rooms and environment

The first in the list is

Matte finish is the most unreflective type of sheen and produces a quite soft and smooth texture. You will generally find that matte finish comes with a great depth of color and is the most widely used sheen as of now.

Satin paint is second in the list. Satin paint produces a very glossy texture and provides some reflectivity for an eye catching look.


Glossy paint is another type which is widely used for kitchens, doors, bathroom and window trims. It produces a very attractive shine and is very reflective. It is one of the most easily cleanable finishes with high durability.

So it is all up to you as to which color, type and finish you would like to use for your homes. You will find matte is the easy pick as it produces a textural element and gives a comforting look. One thing you should keep in mind is that darker and brighter color naturally have higher sheen so whenever you decide for brighter paints go for a lower sheen.

Lastly keep in mind to use the best available tools to paint your house as the results will be much better. Remember it is how you choose which matters the most

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